She thought she was pregnant but her labour revealed something awful

The day you discover you're pregnant is one of the happiest times of your life. Lauren Knowles, a 27-year-old from Aberdeen, couldn't have been more excited. Until she realized that it wasn't a baby in her womb...

Lauren was immediately subjected to emergency surgery, but it was just the beginning of her battle. Check out the video and we'll tell you her whole story!

The often unknown facts about pregnancy

The nine months leading up to the birth of a child are special, if not a bit tedious. There are a few things that you may not expect when going into your pregnancy:

- Most pregnancies do last about 9 months, but in reality, they can last even longer; the longest recorded has even reached 375 days!

Pregnancy can be a beautiful thing. Getty Images

- Your sense of smell will improve! The hypothesis is that this happens because in this way the woman avoids taking even low levels of toxins, which for an adult are harmless but that could damage the fetus.

- You're not out of the woods just after you give birth: contractions do not end with childbirth but can also continue for a few days after. The body will actually do this to limit blood loss.

Be prepared when you head to the hospital for the big day, but remember: you can't be ready for everything!

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