She missed her uni graduation because of her weight and now she's unrecognisable

24-year-old vlogger Jordan Shrinks used to hide her overeating by ordering for made-up 'friends.' She went on a weight loss journey and her transformation is absolutely incredible!

She missed her uni graduation because of her weight and now she's unrecognisable
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As a teenager, Jordan became interested in computers but spending long hours sitting in front of a screen led to her weight spiralling out of control.

By the time she was at university, Jordan's weight was controlling her life. Weighing upwards of 21 stone, Jordan would be forced to pick which classes she took based on which lecture halls they were based in—she knew there were many halls where the chairs would be too small for her to fit into.

Binge eating

She would also go to extreme lengths to hide her overeating. In her student home, she would pretend to portion out what she was cooking into Tupperware, eating only a small portion in front of her flatmates. Later, she would sneak upstairs to eat the rest. At fast-food restaurants, she would pretend to be on the phone to a friend in order to justify the vast amounts of food she was ordering. She revealed to the Daily Mail:

In my mind I knew I should not be eating that much food. But it didn’t matter, I was still going to order that food and I was still going to eat it all.

Heartbreakingly, Jordan's weight even prevented her from attending her own graduation because she was afraid she wouldn't fit into the robes, despite the fact that she had made the prestigious 'Dean's list.'

Health shock

It was in January 2016 at the age of 22 that Jordan was shocked into taking action. Browsing the Internet, she came across an article listing the symptoms of diabetes. She was dismayed to realise that she recognised nine of the ten symptoms in herself. Not having any family history of the illness, Jordan knew that this was down to her lifestyle and overeating.

The following week, Jordan joined a gym and her extraordinary weight loss journey began. Over the course of 305 days, Jordan managed to reverse all of the diabetes symptoms that she had been experiencing—losing a massive 9 stone 6lbs in the process.

Jordan managed all of this through sheer hard work. Steering clear of 'quick fixes' and fads like protein shakes, diet pills or fit teas, she spent time in the gym and made sure to eat a healthy balanced diet, particularly favouring plant-based meals.

New body

Since her weight loss, Jordan has had surgery to remove the excess skin that she was left with, as well as a bilateral breast lift as she had gone from a 44F to a 34DD.

Today, Jordan continues to inspire her hundreds of thousands of followers on her Instagram and Youtube channels under the name Jordan Shrinks.

This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring