She gave birth to twins only to discover they weren't actually hers

For several years a couple had not been able to have children. They then tried artificial insemination. Everything went according to plan until the birth of the two babies…

A couple from New York could not have children. They then travelled from New York to Los Angeles, where they performed numerous tests and examinations in various laboratories.

After several attempts, they chose artificial inseminationas a last resort and turned to the prestigious ‘CHA’ Fertility Centre in Los Angeles for help.

An £80,000 investment

The couple then invested a lot of money, more precisely £80,000, in their desire to have children.

Following this long journey, the newlyweds began In Vitro Fertilisation treatment (IVF) at the clinic. The doctors then succeeded in creating eight embryos with the couple's sperm and eggs.

The first attempt failed. Shortly afterwards, the clinic tried again, but this time with two embryos and the woman then fell pregnant with twins.

An unexpected event...

In March 2019, the mother-to-be gave birthvia caesarean section. However, a problem arose: the newborns were not genetically related to each other and were also not of the same ethnic origin as the mother.

The parents were shocked; it was revealed that the babies were born from embryos from two other couples, who were also clients of the clinic.

Emotional suffering

According to the New York Post's report, the couple claims to have endured permanent emotional suffering from which they will not be able to recover. Following this emotional shock, the couple decided to file a complaint against the clinic.

What is certain is that they do not know what happened to their embryos. The complaint states:

They did not correctly identify, tag, handle and store the complainants' embryos.

You can discover more details of this surprising story in the video above.

Days after becoming a father, he discovered one of his ‘twins’ wasn’t actually his Days after becoming a father, he discovered one of his ‘twins’ wasn’t actually his