She Found Out She Was Pregnant Just 20 Minutes Before Giving Birth

Mum-of-three Karin Fortwangler didn’t realise that she was pregnant until the very same day she went to hospital to give birth. In fact, she didn’t even know what was going on until the moment everything kicked off.

During the entire duration of her pregnancy, Karin didn’t realise that she was expecting another baby, despite her feeling many of the telltale symptoms like fatigue, morning sickness and swelling.

It had been less than a year since she gave birth to her last child and she was still in the process of breastfeeding. Her periods weren’t regular and her body wasn’t the same as it had been before. However, she still hadn't clued in that it could be due to a new pregnancy.

Not even her stomach looked the same as the previous times she was pregnant, and she attributed any changes to her previous pregnancies. But on March 15, Karin woke up to a very familiar pain and told her husband how she was feeling.

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When they went to the hospital, they did an ultrasound scan and confirmed that she was pregnant. But as it turns out, she was not only pregnant, but she was actually already in labour.

That day, Karin gave birth to a perfectly healthy girl, even though she hadn’t reached the ideal 36 weeks of pregnancy. The parents later admitted that they were so surprised that they are still in shock.

The baby was born in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which meant they had to turn to friends and family to help them find diapers, wipes and other essentials.

Just three weeks after giving birth, she could no longer feel her hands or legs Just three weeks after giving birth, she could no longer feel her hands or legs