One baby had to fight to keep her eyesight after receiving a kiss from her mother

Despite the warnings, one young mother decided to kiss her newborn baby daughter. But this had quite severe consequences because she ended up transmitting a rather dangerous virus to her baby girl.

Newborn babies are particularly susceptible to catching diseases which is why it is all the more important to protect them from infections. One young mother named Holly was aware of this and decided to prevent visitors from kissing her newborn daughter. But it actually turned out that she would be the one to transmit a virus to her…

She couldn’t have seen this coming

While she was pregnant, Holly read a post on Facebook about a baby who had fallen ill after being kissed by someone with herpes. The consequences of situations like this can be life-threatening since certain infections can spread to and affect other organs in the body.

Taking these warnings seriously, Holly painstakingly tried to protect her baby daughter from potential viruses and illnesses that others might be carrying. She decided not to let anyone kiss her, even when she was six months old. But it actually turned out that she would be the one to infect her daughter.

It was the mother herself who ended up transmitting an infection to her daughter. Tara Moore / Getty Images

A loving kiss with serious consequences

In a moment of blissful affection, she kissed her daughter Oarlah on the forehead. But it seems the mother was carrying the active herpes virus and thus transmitted this dangerous virus to her daughter via this kiss. Within no time at all, her baby’s head had broken out in pimples and had turned red.

The young mother started to panic when she noticed these red dots reach her six-month-old daughter’s eyes. She told the Sun:

I was horrified. People thought I was paranoid when I said I didn’t want anyone kissing Oarlah but I'd seen what it could do. I couldn’t help myself and I kissed her on the forehead when she was born, but then I banned all her visitors from kissing her. I tried to protect her and she still got this horrible virus but the doctors told us that it could also be transferred on the hands too.

Luckily, doctors in the hospital were able to help and 24 hours later, the swelling and pustules that had broken out had gone away. Today, Oarlah has recovered. But this particular virus is, unfortunately, something that sticks with you forever, even if it isn’t always active.

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