Not Triplets: This Woman Gave Birth To Three Children In One Month

Arifa Sultana gave birth to her first son and shortly after the birth of her first child, the young mother felt a sharp pain in her stomach again and was admitted to hospital. Then she got quite a surprise.

People say every pregnancy is different. There are some women who just seem unable to fall pregnant, while others might not even know they are carrying a child until they are giving birth.

No money for check-ups

20-year-old Arifa from Bangladesh knew that she was pregnant, but was only expecting to give birth to one baby. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that her son would become a big brother in the space of just a few weeks after he was born.

According to Stern, Arifa Sultana's family didn’t have a lot of money and because of this, she could only afford a few checkups at her gynaecologist's office during her pregnancy.

Regular ultrasounds were out of the question and so the young woman didn’t think much of it when she was admitted to hospital with stomach pains a few weeks after her first child was born. And to her surprise, she then gave birth to twins and only then did doctors realise that she had two wombs.

Doctors weren’t very surprised

It’s not very clear how the second pregnancy could have simply been missed during the birth of her first child, but the news of these two unusual pregnancies didn’t surprise doctors. One gynaecologist told the BBC that it is not exactly rare for a woman to have two wombs.

After the emergency C-section, she had to give birth to the twins, everyone was fine, but Arifa Sultana was a little worried because her husband now has to support a family of five on an income of around £53 pound a month:

I don’t know how we will manage such a huge responsibility with this little amount.

However, her husband is more optimistic and promises to do his best to make his wife and kids happy. There are worse ways to start a family.

She gave birth to three children in one month... but they're not triplets She gave birth to three children in one month... but they're not triplets