Mum, 39, dies after a liposuction operation goes bad

The woman paid £4,800 for the operation on December 02 and spent nearly a month in the ICU before her sad death.

A family is considering suing a plastic surgeon after performing a liposuction on a woman who died from injuries caused by the operation. The mother of two reportedly sustained injuries ‘more typical of the result of a knife fight’.

Unsuccessful Procedure

On December 02, 2021, Sara Gomez, 39, went to the private Clinica Galna in Cartagena, Spain to undergo the procedure.

She paid £4,800 to have fat removed from parts of her body as well cells, to prevent more from being produced. According to local media, Gomez told the doctor operating on her that she had undergone the procedure before and was assured there would not be a problem with this particular one.

After spending five hours in the operating room, the surgeon allegedly told her family the procedure was successful. He however added that Gomez had lost so much fluid in the process and that they were working to stabilize her.

Three hours later, she was rushed to another hospital, where she was admitted.

Sara's brother Ruben Gomez told local news:

Not even in the extreme can they imagine the reality that we are going through right now. They kept her waiting there for four hours, bleeding to death, and she came here in a near-fatal state.

Next Step

Sara Gomez sadly passed away on January 01 after spending close to a month in intensive care.

The family is awaiting autopsy results to determine their next line of action, which is to file a complaint against the plastic surgeon who operated on her.

According to a family spokesperson, Gomez sustained multiple serious injuries in several organs including her kidney, liver, colon and intestines.

The family's lawyer Ignacio Martinez said the victim's injuries were:

more typical of the result of a knife fight.
British woman dies two days after a liposuction surgery in Turkey British woman dies two days after a liposuction surgery in Turkey