Man Forgets Wife After Surgery, Falls in Love With Her Again

As he woke up after an operation, this man discovered that the woman standing next to him was his wife. He couldn't believe it.

When you wake up after anaesthesia, you are rarely able to think straight. This is the case of this man who could not even remember that he was married...

Post-intervention amnesia

A few years ago, Jason Mortensen had some surgery done. But when he woke up, everything had changed...

When he discovered the young woman standing next to him, he found it hard to believe that it was actually his wife, Candice! In a video, filmed by the wife herself, you can see this incredible scene.

It all began when Jason was dazzled by the beauty of his wife. Only, he did not know that they were married when he woke up. At first, he thought she was a nurse. Once he understood that she wasn't one, he then began his 'seduction strategy' by complimenting her on her physique.

You are a treat for the eyes. Whoa! You have got to be the prettiest woman I have ever seen. Are you a model?

He fell in love with his wife again...

In the video, he can be heard saying that she is 'the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.' It was also at this time that Candice decided to confess that she was his wife. He was in shock!

Faced with this unexpected announcement, he exclaimed 'I won the jackpot!'

In the footage, you get the impression that he just met this woman and that he falls in love with her all over again, as if he was seeing her for the very first time.

This touching little moment of beauty greatly moved the Web. American newspapers were quick to take an interest in this incredible story.

Candice Mortensen explained on the air for Today:

He had been acting like this for about 20 minutes before I pulled out my phone. I finally realized I had to put this on video so he could see how he acted and so I can show people because I was alone so I was excited. He really didn't remember anything about it when I showed him the video.

It is common for some people to experience amnesia when they wake up after an operation.

More details in the video at the top of the article.

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