'I'm Watching A Miracle Right Now': Family Touched By Supermarket Worker's Act Of Kindness

'I'm Watching A Miracle Right Now': Family Touched By Supermarket Worker's Act Of Kindness

Sometimes what may seem like a small act of kindness can make the world of difference to someone else.

Jordan Taylor was working at his job in a supermarket in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when he noticed a customer was watching him intently as he stacked the shelves. Rather than ignore him as many would have done, Jordan asked the young man if he'd like to help him.

The young man was 17-year-old Jack Ryan, who is autistic and was shopping at the store with his father, Sid. At first, Sid had thought his son wanted some orange juice but when 20-year-old Jordan invited him to help out it became clear that Jack Ryan was interested in the process of stacking the shelves.

The two young men worked together for over half an hour, with Jordan handing Jack Ryan the products to place on the shelf. Sid decided to film the encounter, describing what was happening as a 'miracle'.

He later said 'It was a big deal' because often 'people don't understand, they're not very accepting. Somehow this young man reached my son... he went into Jack Ryan's world.'

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When they later told Jack Ryan's sister Delaney about the experience, she was so touched by Jordan's actions that she went to the store herself to meet him. After talking with him she discovered that he had plans to become a teacher one day and was working in the hopes of being able to go to university one day. In recognition of his kindness, Delaney set up a GoFundMe page for Jordan which has already raised over 25,000 dollars.

We bet Jordan will make an excellent teacher one day!

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