How A Ride On Disneyland's Space Mountain Changed This Young Woman's Life Forever

Adrenaline junkies, this article is about to change your love of thrilling rollercoaster rides. A young woman’s life has been ruined because of a ride in the flagship Space Mountain attraction in Disneyland Paris.

In 2013, the young woman took her place in Disneyland’s staple ride, Space Mountain. She didn’t know that this would change her life for ever.

Shunted about from left to right, she could not keep control of her head and firefighters had to extract her from the carriage at the end of the ride. They informed her that her dizziness would eventually stop, which was not the case.

After several visits to various specialists, she finally received a diagnosis from an ENT doctor: debarquement syndrome. It’s a syndrome which sailors often experience after spending many months at sea. It’s like the opposite of sea sickness: earth sickness.

After her problem was identified, the young woman is leading a real judicial battle. The theme park has already offered her 30,000 Euros' (£27,170) worth of compensation, but the sum was deemed ‘insufficient’ by the claimant’s lawyer. The result of the case is yet to be seen.

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