Furious mother drives into Insulate Britain protest with her luxury SUV

Exasperated mother runs into Insulate Britain protest with her Range Rover on 13 October in London.

An infuriated mother threatens to drive through Insulate Britain protesters on 13 October in Britain, where they protested the thirteenth time in four weeks.

Road rage lady

The commotion started when the lady stepped out of her Range Rover to remonstrate.

I'm not joking, my son needs to get to school, move out of the road.

As a woman protester explained why they're demonstrating, the lady blasted them:

My son is 11, he needs to get to school and I need to get to work. So move out of the way then. Let me get my son to school.

Being enraged further, she got inside the car and started ramming it against two protesters who blocked her way. The protesters screamed in pain, and the lady got out to shout at them some more.

The footage has been captured by the Insulate Britain protesters, and is being circulated widely. In the video, it is also observed, how other people were also seen hurling cusses at the protesters.

Insulate Britain protests

The Insulate Britain protests, which began on 13 September 2021, want to protect the country from climate breakdown and save fuel consumption.

They soon coined the phrase Disruptive climate protesters, to describe themselves. They have been causing a lot of mayhem in and around the roads of London, for their requirements to be met.

The environment protectors, finally revealed that they would 'suspend its campaign of civil resistance' until 25 October, for the government to consider their demands.

However, one of the couples from the army of the eco-zealots, drove around 80,975 miles in their 18-year-old diesel fuelled Toyota. Citizens of the UK have called them out on their hypocrisy of going on a gas-guzzling voyage, but blocking motorways in UK.

Given their notorious identity, the government suspects that there are chances of drama happening ahead of the crucial COP26 summit, to be held at the end of this month, at Glasgow.

'They’re obstructive, and they’re rude': Mother stands behind 'nudging' Insulate Britain protesters 'They’re obstructive, and they’re rude': Mother stands behind 'nudging' Insulate Britain protesters