Fitness blogger was mocked for wearing this inappropriate dress to a wedding

This fitness blogger was mocked and criticized by the Internet for wearing a dress that they consider "too sexy" for a wedding.

With her dress slightly inappropriate for a wedding, Liz Krueger would she wanted to steal the show to the queen of the day? The least that can be said in any case, is that his very tight clothing was not at all the taste of guests, or Internet users who did not hesitate to comment on her picture posted afterwards on Instagram.

The transparent, candy-pink dress was perhaps not the ideal outfit to go to this kind of ceremony.

As this fitness blogger has entrusted on social networks, it has not failed to be ridiculed throughout the wedding day by the other guests. Some would have even been very enterprising with her by slamming her buttocks.

On the Web, the comments were not more tender towards Liz Krueger. Many people have found his outfit "inappropriate for the church", or even "designed to go to a nightclub, but not to a wedding."

Instgram/Liz Krueger

Liz has since hit back at her critics, rightly claiming that a choice of dress is no reason to be bullying someone online:

'I am not playing a victim. I am not attention seeking. I am not vain. I am not slutty. I was not trying to upstage a bride. I didn't have an agenda when I put on this dress. I'm not trying to name names or call anyone out. I'm not a model trying to heighten my career I'm sticking up for myself and my body, and the fact I can post about a bad experience I had at a wedding. Did I know it would go viral? Ummm no. I post every single day, but clearly this struck a chord with society.'

Mummy blogger Constance Hall also came out in support of Liz stating:

'Looking back on my wedding I am disappointed that I didn’t write on the invitations, "Please flaunt it, flaunt your body, whether it be rolls or muscles, skinnyminnies and magnificent curves, tall ones, short ones, round ones straight ones, I want a selection. I especially like what you wore to this wedding because it oozes pride and f***, you should be SOOOOO proud.'
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