'Fed up' of being sexually assaulted by her boss, she cuts off his penis

This young woman is suspected of cutting off her boss's penis, whom she accused of repeated sexual assault.

It's a shock. On Monday 31 May, a young woman was taken into custody. Her crime: cutting off her boss' penis. The employee explained that she had resorted to physical violence to avoid another sexual assault.

He was taken to hospital

According to the Spanish media, Cadena Ser, the bar's employee in Sant Andreu de la Barca, near Barcelona, has been taken into custody for assault and battery. She is suspected of cutting off her boss's penis. She explained that she was 'fed up' with being sexually assaulted by the bar owner.

When the man allegedly tried to touch her sexually again, the young woman took to the blade to defend herself. Using the weapon, she cut off her attacker's penis. According to the Catalan police, the man was taken to the emergency room.

Justice by the knife

The police also reported that the main suspect had explained that the bar owner had forced the young woman to have non-consensual sex several times. The police are expected to hear from the man, upon his release from hospital, on suspicion of sexual assault.

The case of this young employee is not unique in Spain. According to Spanish media, another woman also resorted to emasculating her attacker. In 1993, Lorena Bobitt infamously cut off her husband's penis while he was sleeping. According to her, the night before, the man had come home drunk and raped her.

Lorena had claimed that she was a victim of abuse and humiliation. At the trial, the judges did not bring any charges against the husband. He was allowed to have an operation to repair his penis. And Lorena herself was found not guilty. During the lockdown, Spanish emergency services also recorded 61.5% more calls from women who were victims of domestic violence.

Man in jail after recording his sexual assaults on a sleeping girl Man in jail after recording his sexual assaults on a sleeping girl