COVID: Mother pushes for vaccine as daughter, 27, passes away after giving birth

Heartbroken mom’s plea after unvaccinated pregnant daughter passes away from COVID, who couldn't even hold her newborn.

My message is please, please, please get vaccinated. To me it's important for you to do it for you and your baby.

Those were the words from a distressed Helena Kindred, mother of the deceased.

Marrisha Kindred Jenkins, 27, was a mother of three from Georgia, who succumbed to COVID on 23 September. She was 33 weeks pregnant and unvaccinated when she got infected with the virus.

What happened to the mother of three?

When Marrisha was detected positive for COVID, she was already in her third trimester and had to be admitted to the hospital immediately, where she gave birth to a premature boy, Jaylen.

Initially she couldn’t hold her newborn baby boy as she was still infected by the virus. Eventually, she was discharged from the hospital, before completely recovering.

Her condition deteriorated at home, as she experienced shortness of breath. Upon arriving back at the hospital, she was put on a life-support machine.

However, the virus ran its course and her brains already suffered oxygen deprivation, and she had no chance of recovery. She was declared dead soon after.

Pregnant ladies at a higher risk, for contracting the virus

A new NHS data states that, one out of six critically ill patients, are unvaccinated pregnant women.

Helena says:

I just can't believe that she's not here. It's like I'm in a dream and can't wake up.

Helena strongly believes she wouldn't have lost Marrisha if she got her jabs in time. She was a dedicated mother and a wife, who had been making several travel plans for the family.

She strongly pleads all pregnant women to get vaccinated immediately to keep the family and loved one's safe.

Unvaxxed mother dies of COVID shortly after giving birth Unvaxxed mother dies of COVID shortly after giving birth