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Couple Wed In Traditional Viking Fashion For The First Time In 1000 Years

Inspired by and infatuated with Viking tradition, Norwegian couple Elisabeth and Rune Dalset married in a Viking ceremony that is said to be the first genuinely Viking wedding in 1000 years.

The pair met at a bar in Norway in May 2016, the next year Rune proposed to Elisabeth at a Viking festival outside of Olso, after which they started planning their traditional Viking wedding.

Elisabeth told Daily Mail: “Rune completely opened up a new world for me, and I soon fell in love with the people and the spirituallity of it.”

Despite having Christian upbringings the pair seems to have come to appreciate and fully embrace viking lifestyle and tradition.

So much so that the wedding even included a ‘blot’ ritual, where a cauldron of pig’s blood is placed on a pile of stones and poured onto small figures representing the Norse gods and then onto the forehead.

After the ‘interesting’ ceremony the couple celebrated with their some 130 guests all dressed in traditional clothing, enjoying beer and norse song and dance.

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We hope they live happily ever after!

By Erin Doe
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