Baby Thanking Its Mother For Feeding It Will Brighten Your Day

The video quickly went viral. This mother is breastfeeding her son when the child does something adorable to thank her. Beware: this video will brighten your day.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience... but it's certainly not easy. Mothers who take care of their babies, work and also have to be available when necessary to breastfeed their children should undoubtedly be considered superheroes.

However, not everyone has this view of breastfeeding. It isn't taught in schools or recognized at a social level. Breastfeeding is very hard for a mother. Anyone who has experienced first-hand or up-close can confirm this.

Well, this child got the picture very early. He is so aware of this that he didn't even wait to finish suckling to thank her in the most practical, original and funny way.

Although mothers breastfeed without expecting anything in return (a mother's love tends to come in very generous doses), this type of gesture wouldn't hurt from time to time.

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Source: Facebook | Breastfeeding Mama Talk

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