At the age of 24 this woman lost over 28 stone and completely changed her life

Amber Rachdi once weighed 47 stone, but after a gastric operation, her transformation was so astounding even doctors couldn’t believe it!

Amber Rachdi, a 24-year-old American from Oregon had an obesity problem that she became famous for on the TV show My 600lb Life. She used to consume four to five huge meals every day and was really unhappy… until she got a life-changing gastric operation and became one of the few successful participants of the show.

Healthy habits

The doctor agreed to operate on Amber and in just a year, her weight plummeted by 10 stone. Her figure is completely unrecognizable and the doctor himself could not believe his eyes. But that was only the beginning after Amber dropped 18 stone she was able to have her excess fat removed.

Beautiful and smiling, the American now has healthy eating habits and even goes to a therapist in order to manage the stress and anxiety linked to eating disorders associated with weight gain.

Amber also made the smart decision to swap fast food for home-cooked meals with plenty of fruit and veg and stopped drinking sugary fizzy drinks in favour of water. She also went from doing no exercise whatsoever to walking 10,000 steps a day without fail and eventually joining a gym - working with a personal trainer in order to get the best results.

After the show Amber decided to finish her studies and now lives in her own apartment. Amber has also revealed that she was once approached for a spin-ff of My 600lb Lifebut turned the opportunity down after having some very negative experiences with the crew.

Today, the young blonde woman is followed by more than 94,000 people on her Instagram account. She has become a real role model for those who, like her, have faced problems with their weight. She goes on to prove that there is no quick and easy fix, just good healthy habits.

Take a look at the video above to see Amber's transformation for yourself!

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