An Elderly Man Who Beat the Coronavirus Died a Few Days Later After Being Abused in Clinic

Although this grandfather managed to overcome the coronavirus, his granddaughter has since been forced to report a very unfortunate situation.

Jose Luís, 87, managed to beat the coronavirus despite his advanced age. Unfortunately, his tale doesn’t have a happy ending, since Jose Luís passed away a few days later as a result of the conditions he was in and how he was treated in the clinic he was staying in.

His granddaughter reported his death and revealed the whole story on the Spanish television news program Cuatro al día. Her grandfather had been diagnosed with the coronavirus and just like thousands of others, he managed to beat the virus.

After recovering, he was moved to a different clinic where he was meant to be quarantined for a further 15 days. His family could only contact him through video calls set up by the clinic.

But just weeks later on April 7, the unthinkable happened. Jose Luis left the clinic and returned to the care home he was staying in. When he arrived, the carers were shocked to see the state that Jose Luis was in. He was injured, dehydrated and had a urine infection that would later end his life.

His granddaughter has since publicly called out this clinic for the abuse that her grandfather endured while staying there. Unfortunately, reports of elderly abuse in care homes and residences are on the rise nowadays, with some of the most recent figures showing that these incidents occur in 99% of all homes.

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