American Woman Spends Over $30,000 in Surgery to Look Like a Real-Life Barbie Doll

Katie Rose's body cost her £28,000. After getting Botox treatments and work done on her breasts and lips, this American woman from Los Angeles now looks like a real-life Barbie.

It all started in 2016 when Katie Rose was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, she survived it, but because of it, she decided to undergo breast reconstruction. She was so happy with her new breasts, Katie Rose got hooked on cosmetic surgery procedures.

She hasn't stopped since, and her breasts, which are now G cups, are a great source of pride for her! After getting her boobs done, the young woman had work done on her nose and mouth, as well as her jaw.

In order to achieve her current look, she had to drop quite a bit of money: £28,000 to be exact. Luckily, though, her cosmetic procedures were mostly funded by sugar daddies -- very wealthy, and often much older, men who offer financial support to young women. And she's proud of it! She told The Sun:

I have had a lot of positive support from sugar daddies and always love people who contribute to my journey. The reactions from people have always been positive. I get looks all the time and people tell me how they love my lips, or my "boobs are so amazing. What doctor did you go to?"

She also admitted that, throughout her plastic surgery transformation, she has taken inspiration from Barbie and that it has helped her to fight depression, from which she suffered for years.

Katie Rose certainly isn't the only cosmetic surgery lover out there. For instance, Claudia Sierra has spent upwards of £53,000 to look like Melania Trump. So far, she's had 9 cosmetic procedures, including an eye lift, breast reduction, cheek implants, and botox injections, to look like her idol.

Check out the video above to see her before and after transformation!

Wanting To Look More Like Barbie, This Woman Underwent A Drastic Transformation Wanting To Look More Like Barbie, This Woman Underwent A Drastic Transformation