American Baby Born With IUD in Her Hair ‘Like a Bobby Pin’

People have always said that if you don’t want to get pregnant, you could always get an intrauterine device (IUD) inserted because it works as a contraceptive, but, what if it didn’t actually work?

A mother named Cadesia Foster shared quite an alarming post explaining what happened with a very clear message:

Look at this. Damn IUD sitting on this baby head like a bobby pin. Use birth control they said.

This mother from Alabama wanted to express how annoyed she was that her intrauterine device hadn’t worked. This device is inserted inside the uterus so that sperm isn’t able to fertilise the egg and so the woman doesn’t fall pregnant.

However, it is possible for the intrauterine device to shift from the uterine cavity or, if it has been inside the uterus for too long, it can stop producing the endometrial atrophy that is needed to prevent a woman from falling pregnant.

Although it is normally effective 97-99% of the time, this time, the IUD didn’t work and Cadesia fell pregnant. Her baby was born with the IUD caught in his hair and the image of her baby was viewed 40,000 times in just a few hours.

According to experts, various factors could have caused the device to shift to the wrong place, which is how the IUD could have ended up in her infant’s hair. You can see pictures of the baby with the IUD in his hair in the video above where we explain why he was born with it!

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