After Taking Photos of a Bunch of Strangers, He Noticed Something Awful
After Taking Photos of a Bunch of Strangers, He Noticed Something Awful
After Taking Photos of a Bunch of Strangers, He Noticed Something Awful
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After taking photos of a bunch of strangers, he noticed something awful

The photographer ‘Babycakes Romero’ has published a collection of photos taken in London showing a strange situation…

People are calling him ‘Babycakes Romero’ and one thing is for sure: he definitely has a lot to say! And only photos will do the trick. His collection of photos under the name ‘The Death of Conversation’ definitely says more than his words ever could. As you watch these images flash before your eyes, you see something quite unsettling that really makes you think twice.

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#MYLDN (1379) (pt 1) All shots this week taken on Berwick Street in Soho. There is very little of old Soho left and yet still the last remnants are still being dismantled, removed and built over. The only smidgen of a glimpse of its former sleazy and seductive past are boardings (see Pt 2’s pic) which cover building work designed to eradicate it, oh the twisted irony. I am done mourning the past version of this city. My grief has reached a level of acceptance which means I can exist in this new version and no longer lament the past. This is not because I am happy with the transformation. I find new Soho boring by comparison to its previous counterpart but because to stay locked to a former incarnation of the world around us is not healthy. #streetphotography #streetphotographers #life_is_street #londonstreetstyle #capturestreets #documentaryphotography #photoobserve #londonstreets #street_storytelling #everybodystreet #urbanstreets #mylondon #myspc #storyofthestreet #challengerstreets #soho #berwickstreet #soholife

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On the streets of London…

The artist took this collection of photos on the streets of London. While pacing the streets, something struck him. When his attention was drawn to this particular type of behaviour, the photographer reached for his camera and shot everything he saw.

Colleagues having ‘cigarette breaks’, friends in a restaurant, people on the train, nothing escaped his keen eye.

A very unique sense of awareness

His observation of society nowadays is a bit worrying. The view he provides through his images makes us think twice about how we live. And why? Because this behaviour has become so normal and every day that it can even be called an obsession.

It’s almost become so natural that we can forget we’re doing it. And that’s the point of these photos! However, the message they send can also be a bit concerning. We could even imagine ourselves in their shoes.

‘Horrible’ behaviour?

The ‘horrible’ thing about 'Babycakes Romero's' work isn’t what you see in the photo since there’s nothing that unusual there, but instead, it’s what these photos represent: ‘The Death of Conversation’, as the name of the collection indicates.

Can you guess what the photos show? Well, check out the video above!

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