After sharing candid photos of her post-baby body this woman inspired many new mums

After giving birth, it is sometimes difficult to get your belly back to its original shape. A young woman wanted to show that it was quite normal to have trouble getting in shape and that being a mom isn't always easy.

For young future mothers, it is sometimes a little scary to think that a living being will live in their belly for 9 months. Even if the excitement and happiness of becoming a mother is present, many questions may arise. How to be a good mother? How is the delivery going to be? Legitimate questions that many other future moms ask themselves the first time they get pregnant.

The shape of the belly does not change right after childbirth

Clearly, throughout the pregnancy, the body is transformed, we gain weight. As a result, some moms suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety when the baby arrives. But do not panic, again, it happens to many women. It is true that the body does not return to its original shape right away and that many new responsibilities come with a baby. Nowadays, society is obsessed with physical perfection. But remember that many women find it difficult to get in shape after childbirth.

It takes time for your body to get back to what it once was. Just eat healthily and work out to recover, but don't rush. Bear in mind that the belly does not return to its normal shape after a few hours after delivery. This step takes time and, at times, it will remain very swollen, even when the baby has arrived, as proven by a young woman, Julie Bhosale, on social networks.

After giving birth, she shared the evolution of her body for two weeks, and the least we can say is that reconstruction doesn't happen in a day. The most important thing is to rest and prepare yourself for one of the most beautiful moments of your life!

Body positivity: This woman's photos of her post-birth stomach went viral Body positivity: This woman's photos of her post-birth stomach went viral