While Resting After Giving Birth, Her Mother-In-Law Took The Opportunity To Do Something Awful

It’s not uncommon that mothers-in-law interfere in the relationships of their children - but what happened in the US is another level.

A young mother was sleeping peacefully after just having given birth to her child - but what her mother-in-law does during that time is just unbelievable German news report.

Behind her back

In the comment section of the website Slate, a mother from the US tells the story. While she sleeps in the hospital recovering from an emergency C-section, her mother-in-law betrays her - but she only noticed 2 months later.

When she looked at the birth certificate of her son, she couldn’t believe her eyes. His second name is “Finlay” according to the certificate, even though she and her husband agreed on “Finley”. The young mother wrote: “Of course I am angry because I told him that I agree to the second name given that it is spelt “Finley” - and he agreed before our son was born.”

Monster mother-in-law

She found out that her mother-in-law had convinced her son to change the second name while the young mother was recovering from the operation.

This whole thing was hidden from her. Her mother-in-law had already tried to convince them of changing the name and when she refused, she had gotten angry.

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Now she got what she wanted. But she is also angry with her husband: “It’s my husband’s fault as well.” Now they are trying not to let this incident ruin their relationship. A confrontation with her mother-in-law has not happened yet.

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