A Woman Felt Something Soft On Her Neck At Night, Then She Started To Panic

An 18-year-old woman was peacefully sleeping when she suddenly felt something soft but heavy pressing on her neck. And then her eyes met another pair of eyes in the dark, but it wasn’t a cuddly pet, in fact quite the opposite!

Although she lived on the 14th floor, 18-year-old Nor Alia Aqilla Jamaluddin received a night-time visit from an unwanted guest. But when she realised what she was looking at, she quickly fled the house…

An unwanted guest

At four o’clock in the morning, the state of Terenggau in western Malaysia is rather still. An uninvited guest had managed to creep into bed with this 18-year-old woman and had snuggled up against her neck. But it wasn’t an admirer, nor a cuddly pet!

It took a few moments for the woman to stir from her deep sleep. But when she woke up, she felt something heavy and soft against her neck, and then she opened her eyes.

She suddenly saw the huge snake that had slithered into bed with her and was about to lick her face. She immediately started to panic and leapt out of bed.

A real nightmare

When she turned the light on, she found herself in a nightmare. A 26-pound python was curled up on her bed! According to Yahoo News, the reptile was three meters long, which is unusual for unwanted guests…

She immediately fled the room and dragged her family out of the apartment where they waited for help to arrive. The emergency services finally arrived and seized the animal that was hiding under her bed.

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Although these giant reptiles aren’t poisonous, pythons are still incredibly dangerous. Due to their size and strength, they can easily strangle and kill humans.

Nor Alia Aqilla Jamaluddin definitely did the right thing by immediately fleeing. But how this uninvited guest had managed to get into her room remains a mystery…

Lindsay Wilson
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