A Seemingly Healthy Father Who Overcame Coronavirus Tragically Passes After Relapse

The virus that has been plaguing families across the globe has recently reached over 2 million cases worldwide. Almost a quarter of these cases are seemingly closed and show that victims have in fact recovered, however, it seems like that doesn't quite put them in the clear just yet.

A Seemingly Healthy Father Who Overcame Coronavirus Tragically Passes After Relapse
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In a tragic story out of Portsmouth, England, family man Dom Merrix appeared to be recovering after experiencing severe symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus when he suddenly collapsed in his home Thursday morning.

After messaging his partner Sarah, stating he was struggling to breathe, she and their 10-year-old daughter Ellie-Mai rushed to his aid.

According to paramedics, Dom suffered a heart attack while in the ambulance and died before he was able to reach the hospital. Despite the paramedics' efforts, they were unable to revive him.

In an effort to hopefully spare his family from contracting the virus, Dom had confined himself to the downstairs room of their family home, where he had been living separately from his wife and daughter for 16 days.

A family friend, Rachel Hibbert, said that on the morning of his death, Dom had woken up and seemed to be 'normal' as the Pompey fan even retweeted a shoutout in support of NHS workers that same morning.

Dom Merrix was just 44 years old and in seemingly healthy condition. Rachel also issued a warning pleading the public to listen to health officials:

People think it isn’t going to happen to them because they’re fit and young. Dom was fit and young and it killed him. It’s torn his family apart and left them devastated. This virus is taking the lives of young, fit, healthy people – not just those with underlying health conditions...It puts the fear of God in me that Dom can just drop like that.

According to worldometers.info, the worldwide death toll is approaching 130,000 at the time this article is being written, with just over 12,000 in the UK alone, with the lockdown in effect it is important to take these measures seriously despite the approach of warmer weather and how frustrating it may be to be stuck inside.

This virus has proven beyond doubt how deadly it can be to even the youngest and fittest victims. Do what you can to protect others and those around you and #stayhome.