A Little Girl Bought A Christmas Card And Found A Chilling Message Inside That Had Been Written An Inmate

It’s very common to give Christmas cards this time of year. However, they normally come empty so you can write your own loving message inside, but this wasn’t the case with the card this 6-year-old little girl bought.

A typical Christmas card ended up in the hands of this 6-year-old British girl. And it’s safe to say that the girl, who bought this particular card from the supermarket chain Tesco, didn’t expect to find what it contained when she opened it up.

The events of this unusual story were published by the newspaper The Sunday Times, who revealed all the details surroundingthis famous greeting card.

Apparently, when the little girl from London opened the card, she found a rather unpleasant message inside that had been written by an inmate in China which had managed to slip through the system unnoticed.

The message was a plea for help in which the inmate explained the situation he was currently in.

‘We are foreign prisoners in Shanghai Qingpu prison in China. Forced to work against our will.’
‘Please help us and notify human rights organisation,’ continued the message that ended with the following words: ‘Contact Mr Peter Humphrey’.

The overwhelming note had an incredible impact on everyone who read it, and that’s why the note recently went viral. As several media sources have revealed, Humphrey is a former British journalist who has previously been arrested and imprisoned in China for two years while he was working as a private investigator for the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.

This particular inmate has also been detained in a prison in China from where he apparently wrote this message and as it turns out, Peter himself claims to know the person who wrote it personally. However, he has prevented his name from being released to the press.

However, Geng Shuang, a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has claimed that this note is merely a fabrication and was created by Humphrey himself.

The Viral Image That’s Driving The Internet Crazy, What’s Going On With This Little Girl? The Viral Image That’s Driving The Internet Crazy, What’s Going On With This Little Girl?