A Detail in One of This Family’s Photos Gave Them Quite a Shock

This mother of three got the shock of her life when she rediscovered one of her family photos and we understand why. And we bet you will as well!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade, you will know that the internetis full of strange photosthat show weird moments from life and that can at times be quite difficult to explain.

And one of Katie and Tom's family photosis excellent proof of just that. When their third child was born, Hugo, the family took a photo to immortalise his arrival in a park. All five family members can be seen sitting on a bench and smiling at the camera. Their dog can also be seen in the photo and so far, everything seems normal.

But when she rediscovered this photo later, Katie almost fainted. When she looked at the photo for the first time, this little detail had gone right over her head, but then she noticed a little hand in the photo that didn’t belong to anyone in the family.

Shocked by this discovery, Katie decided to share this family photo on social media.

A terrible loss

Katie and Tom’s family had recently suffered an awful tragedy. In 2019, they lost their 3-year-old little boy, Bryan, after he had been hit by a car. Upon seeing this little hand in the photo, Katie saw it as a ‘special sign’ and thought that this was a sign that little Bryan was looking down on them from heaven.

To see this surprising and strange photo for yourself, check out the video above!

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One Weird Detail About This Photo Of A Hand Has Been Driving The Internet Crazy! One Weird Detail About This Photo Of A Hand Has Been Driving The Internet Crazy!