A couple was fined for having sex some place illegal

Two couples broke the lockdown rules in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region in France to have a quickie in their car... before being caught by the local police.

Love during lockdown has really been put to the test. Many have been disregarding health and safety measures to satisfy their needs, which was the case with these two couples, who were caught in the act in their car.

A quickie in the car

This incident took place in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in France. The two lovers met during the day in a local forest for a quickie in their car. But they were then surprised by the local police, who were probably mildly amused by the funny side of the situation.

However, the law is very clear. The two were each fined the maximum £117 for a first offence. Although the lovers had prepared the mandatory document required in France when leaving the home, the police were not buying it. On her attestation form to leave the house, the woman had ticked off the 'basic necessities' category, while the man had decided on the 'engaging in a physical activity' category instead.

Another couplehad chosen to meet at an airfield to satisfy their 'basic necessity' where they were also caught and fined. According to the local police, it was 'the gentleman who indicated that he wanted to pay both fines, which was £235.'

A common offence

A police officer, interviewed by the France Bleu news outlet, explained that it is not uncommon to come across 'couples having sex in cars,' and that he and his colleagues are 'confronted with [this] quite regularly, lockdown or not.' So there's nothing new here.

Although these incidents are rather amusing, it is important to remember that leaving your home during a lockdown for non-essential reasons is strictly forbidden. A bit of patience will be required before we're freely allowed get busy with our partners once again! So maybe take the time to practice alone for the next little bit?

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