A 16-year-old girl stabbed her former classmate to death after weeks of 'cyberbullying'

Her alleged bullies, two former students from her school, had threatened her on several occasions on social networks. When they showed up at her house, she claims she stabbed them in self-defence.

Kaitlin Leonor Castilleja died as a result of the injuries suffered in a fight she and a friend started. The investigation so far has revealed that the death of Castilleja was actually the culmination of a complex and very serious story ofteenage violence and bullying.

Underage murderer

The murdererwas a 16-year-old girl (her identity is being kept hidden due to the fact that she is a minor), a student at the same school as Castilleja. Castilleja and a friend, both 18, allegedly subjected their murderer to serious cyberbullying, in which on numerous occasions, they insisted that they would stab her to death.

According to reports, violent fights among girls at the school had become common. They pulled each other's hair, hit each other... all this while constantly threatening each other with much more violent attacks, involving the use of a knife, online.

Threats taken too far

That morning, Castilleja and her friend had threatened to go to the murderer's house and assault her. When they arrived in the early hours of the morning, the 16-year-old stabbed both of them, with Castilleja losing her life in the fight.

Police arrested the teenager, who was later charged with murder.

Take a look at the video above for more on this shocking and tragic case.

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