15 Years Later, This Couple Married Again As Wife And Wife

15 Years Later, This Couple Married Again As Wife And Wife

After years of suffering, Ian Hawkes, 55, became SueZie in 2014 and her wife Cheryl Palmer confirms that their relationship is better than ever.

Ian Hawkes, a native of Swindon, in England, was married but never felt good with his ex-partner. But everything changed when he met Cheryl Palmer, 54.

Cheryl was a single mother who lived in Florida, United States. When Ian and Cheryl started talking via chat more than 20 years ago, they felt like they were made for each other.

Ian flew to Florida to be with Cheryl, and they both said "I do" at their small wedding. She explains that she fell in love with his sincerity and sense of humor and Ian, now SueZie, adds that he loves her kindness.

A few months after the wedding, Ian and Cheryl had a son named Jasion, who has always supported them in everything. Even when his father decided to get a sex change.

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Watch the video to find out how it all happened!

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