This Is Why People Are Raving About Birch Sap

This Is Why People Are Raving About Birch Sap

Want to pamper your body? Try birch sap!

Spring cleanings apply to your body too! There's nothing better than a quick, soft and natural detox to say goodbye to winter. The benefits? A light, cleansed and pampered body.

What is birch sap and what are its benefits?

Don't confuse birch sap with birch juice. Sap is a fluid directly extracted from the tree, while the juice comes from the leaves, is less concentrated and therefore less effective.

Sap is rich in iron, copper and vitamins. It acts directly on the organs: liver, kidneys, intestine, lungs, and skin. Your body's impurities will be eliminated and your immune system will be boosted. You will have less risks of getting sick and you will gain a considerable amount of energy.

Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, birch sap has a positive impact on cells. Read: perfectly regenerated cells and beautiful skin. Tempting, right?

How to do a birch sap cleanse

Before going on a diet, you can start by preparing your body with birch sap. Your body will be well cleansed and weight loss will be easier to achieve if that is your goal.

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Whilst keeping up a healthy balanced diet, you can start your cleanse as soon as you are ready. Just drink 200 ml of pure birch sap every morning on an empty stomach for two to three weeks. You can buy it in organic stores or on Amazon.

Check out the video above for more! 

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