Essential Oils: The Anti-Cellulite Cure That Really Works

Essential Oils: The Anti-Cellulite Cure That Really Works

Check out these essential oils that really help eliminate cellulite!

Cellulite is fat deposits under the skin that, usually located on the butt and thighs. Not all women get cellulite—there’s a genetic component to it. But on the bright side for those who do, there are natural and non-invasive solutions to help you avoid this ‘orange peel’ look.

How do essential oils help eliminate cellulite?

To get rid of cellulite, it’s important to choose the right essential oils; not all are equally effective. The best method is to combine essential oils with massage. This routine must be done regularly over the long-term to maintain its effects.

Juniper essential oil

Juniper essential oil is a powerful diuretic. Mix 20 drops in 10ml of the vegetable oil of your choice (preferably a neutral oil, such as Jojoba or sweet almond) and massage in circles weekly. You can get a 10ml bottle for £7.89 on Amazon.

Cypress essential oil

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Cypress essential oil aids blood and lymphatic circulation. To create your own lotion, mix 5 drops of this essential oil with a neutral vegetable oil. Massage daily, circling and kneading the concerned areas. You can get a 30ml bottle for £7.49 on Amazon.

You can also use Atlas cedarsweet orangelemongrass, or grapefruit essential oils.

Soon, cellulite will be nothing more than a memory!

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