This Woman Got Rid Of This Beauty Product And The Results Are Amazing

This Woman Got Rid Of This Beauty Product And The Results Are Amazing

A Reddit user who sued to suffer with severe acne stopped washing her face as part of her daily routine. The outcome, her skin completely transformed. After just 6 months she instantly started to see changes and they’re quite remarkable!

It is often a common misconception that to have clean skin without spots, it must be washed without gels and powerful anti-acne creams. But, troubled skin of this nature often requires gentle and moisturising care to repair itself.

One Reddit user decided to stop washing her face with tap water, gels and anti-acne creams. Instead she deep cleans her skin, morning and evening with micellar water. Much softer, this water catches the toxins and makeup particles that trouble the skin leaving it completely clean.


Given that her face was no longer exposed to any product or substance that could clog the pores, naturally the toxins and could leave her skin freely. By putting the chemical rich products to one side, her acne severely decreased and in just six months the results are speaking for themselves.

If you’re also suffering with severe acne, maybe the problem is that the products you're using in your beauty routine are far too powerful for your skin type.

• Emma Jensen
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