River Island's 2020 black friday sale will quench your shopping thist

Missing your weekly strolls around all the big shopping centres lately? Don't worry, we've got the discount code for River Island's Black Friday sale to make it up to you.

River Island's 2020 Black Friday Sale Will Quench Your Shopping Thirst
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With Black Friday arriving early this year, we thought it would be major boost in morale to get started on some much needed shopping therapy after what has been a very depressing year so far. Thankfully, River Island has decided to release a promo for 20% off everything full price! That's right, starting today you can get your hands on all new arrivals and current accessories, clothing and footwear collections at a fraction of the original price.

By entering the code 'WONDER' at checkout you'll see the contents of your basket drop in price. What's the catch you might be asking yourself? You're gonna have to spend a minimum of £75 to be able to benefit from the discount. But don't let this be a deal breaker just yet! The high street fashion retailer has waived its shipping fees due to the imposed closure of all locations at the moment.

How long is the sale going on for?

As many other brands have been doing, digital sales at River island will start today (a week prior than previous years) and will be going on until the last Sunday of the month. This is plenty of time for you to be able to browse around their website to find the perfect party dress for when we'll finally be able to get out of our pyjamas and dance the night away.

In the meantime however, this doesn't stop you from looking cute on camera for all the holiday Zoom gatherings you're surely to find yourself in this year. So, get your credit cards ready and shop away!