Adidas And Dragonball Z Are Collaborating On A Pair Of Trainers

Adidas And Dragonball Z Are Collaborating On A Pair Of Trainers

Calling all Adidas and Dragon Ball Z fans, the two brands will soon be collaborating on a new project. It will see a new collection of Adidas Originals Trainers, based on the universe of Dragon Ball Z, hit the shelves.

A Move To Footwear

A piece of news that will surely delight enthusiasts of both brands equally. The creators of the most badass anime of our childhood never cease to become more and more diversified. Having already released collections with both Dickies and Bapes, they’re now turning towards the footwear market. According to the latest information, the collaboration could come to the fore in autumn this year.

The information has sparked serious attention being that it came from the Yeezy Mafia, verified twitter account, which is always informed before everyone else and offers reliable content. It revealed in a series of tweets that the collection will be composed of seven pairs of trainers that will each represent one of the 7 crystal balls. Information is currently considered as a rumour as apparently the shoes could be sold with real balls of crystal. Pop culture never fails to amaze us even if the price of the shoes will be sky high. 


Will Armstrong
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