This sex position is so intense that it instantly takes you to heights of pleasure

If you want to spice up your nights a bit, this relatively unknown sexual position will instantly take you to heights of pleasure.

Do you want to be a superhero during your lovemaking? If so, you might want to try the 'Superwoman' position which is an adventurous variant of doggy style. Far from requiring the physical qualities of a superman, this relatively unknown position will allow you to reach the heights of pleasure while having the chance of experiencing a unique moment of connection with your partner.

The ‘Superwoman' position

To achieve this position, you don't need actual superpowers. For the partner being penetrated, they should lie on their stomach, with their arms resting on the bed, stretched out in front of their body. Then, their waist will be on the edge of the bed, and their legs will be suspended above the ground, as explained by the expert website BadGirlsBible. See the picture here, for a graphic visual.

The ‘Superwoman' position Анастасия Фризен GETTY_IMAGES

Thus, the penetrated partner finds themselves in a posture resembling superheroes such as Wonder Woman or Superman when they are seen flying in the sky, hence the name of this position...

Some possible variations

Once the lovemaking starts, the penetrated partner does not have much room to move. However, it is possible to use their arms to push themselves gently against the penetrating partner, or to arch their posterior alittle to vary the angle and depth of the penetration. It is even possible to place a pillow under their hips for even more stimulation.

Naturally, the penetrating partner will be in charge, and can simply use their hips to make more movements with their body, as they are standing. However, for more intimacy and connection, they can also lean forward and rest on their partner's back.

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