This sex position is guaranteed to give you the satisfaction you need

This sex position is adventurous as well as vigourous. So if you’re thinking of incorporating exercise with your sex life, this position is the best to start with.

Breaking the daily routine by proposing to venture on unknown paths can also be a way of getting closer, or modifying one's access to the big O. This new sex position requires flexibility, strength and agility, but it will leave you filled with pleasure.

The 'Italian Candlestick’ sex position

As shared by the Bad Girls Bible, which is a website specialising in everything sexual, the Italian Candlestick is a distant variant of the most common missionary position. It does, however, require more strength and flexibility on behalf of both partners.

The 'Italian Candlestick’ sex position Анастасия Фризен GETTY_IMAGES

The person who penetrates positions themself on their knees and places their hands under the buttocks and hips of their partner to lift them. The person being penetrated then extends their hands behind them for better stability. The person penetrating, then, starts moving their hips and sets the pace. Strength is an absolute requirement to lift the body of the other in this sex position.

Tips and limits

Do not attempt the Italian Chandelier if you lack the strength to lift, you risk injuring your back. The advantage of this position is that the pace, intensity, and depth are controlled by the person penetrating. It is the latter that controls the sexual pace. The other person, as Bad Girls Bible also points out, can also touch themselves at the same time to heighten the pleasure.

This article is translated from Gentside FR.

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