This is the best sex position to try during the heatwave

In the intense heat of summer, sex can be hard due to rising temperature in and out of the bed. This sex position will help you get the best pleasure without overheating.

Hardly anyone is spared by the intense heat of this summer. Temperatures are scorching us in or out of our houses. In this case, is it possible to have sex without the discomfort of sweatiness and overheating? Of course, it is! This sex position allows you to have a night full of pleasure without the worry of sweating too much.

A very well-known sex position

This sex position is one of the easiest and most basic ones out of all. Doggy style! As you know the mechanics of this sex position do not allow both partners to have much body contact.

Hence, due to the lack of friction from no skin contact the body does not produce as much sweat and discomfort. In addition, according to The Sun, the openness of this position allows the air in the room to move more freely around you and helps prevent overheating.

Try this sex position in summer for a pleasureful night without overheating Анастасия Фризен GETTY_IMAGES

Experiment with ice

Cold showers during sunny heat feel heavenly, but ice can also do wonders. Add spice to your bedroom and experiment with ice. Ice can feel pleasant when rubbed against the body. The cold of the ice against the warmth of your body creates a hot and cold sensation, which can stimulate your senses to an all-time high. Lastly, stay cool stay hydrated!

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