Sex: 7 songs that will make your love-making session even more intense

This Valentine's Day, explore these 7 tunes to make steamy love to your partner!

From various genres in no particular order, we present you 7 iconic sex songs for you to explore.

1. Sex On Fire

by Kings Of Leon

Sex On Fire

With a whopping 424 million views on YouTube, this Indie track from 2008 is surely gonna set the right mood for a fun, sensuous sex session. As a tribute to your 'hot' sensual relationship, you have to listen to it!

2. Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

by Cigarettes After Sex

Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

This mellow number—Cigarettes After Sex's ambient noir-pop ballad from 2012—is an all-time favourite, taking its time with rhythmic instrumentals and seductive vocals from vocalist Greg Gonzalez, who describes the El Paso band's compositions as 'erotic lullabies.'

3. Redbone

by Childish Gambino


In his groovy song from 2016, Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino gives off sensual feelings as he grooves through themes of passion and being woke. Let your affair commence in between the sheets!

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4. Earned It

by The Weeknd

Earned It

Any song from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack might make our list, but it's The Weeknd's seductive 'Earned It,' a lyrical narrative best matched to the two characters in E.L. James' novel series.

5. Thinkin Bout You

by Frank Ocean

Thinkin Bout You

Frank Ocean's 2012 song, which plays out like a very intimate diary entry, pulls into his emotions. He emotes about a previous flame he can't get off his mind. This beautiful number can do wonders in the bed.

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6. Fever

by Peggy Lee


Peggy Lee's retro hit, made a smouldering impact with her sensual single 'Fever' in 1956. The flame of the jazz vocalist, is still glowing after more than half a century. When Lee's infectious classic plays, souls reach a state of ecstasy.

7. Need to Know

by Doja Cat

Need to Know

This number by the rapper Doja Cat sets the mood right for a really steamy sex session. Doja is all about female empowerment. So ladies, prepare to take the reins when you hear this track.

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