Four sex positions that are perfect for lazy girls

If you love having sex but hate putting in the effort, these sex positions are for you.

Some people loved action-filled sex where they get to bounce, jump, play, and tease. And while fun sex is important, we all have those nights where we don’t want to exert even an ounce of energy. For those lazy gals out there, we’ve got sex positions that are perfect for slow night (or morning) under the sheets. If you’ve got a partner who doesn’t mind taking the reign and showing you a good time, these sex positions will make you feel like a pampered queen.

Downward dog

This is a heavenly sex position in which you literally do not have to move a muscle—what a dream! Just lay flat on your stomach, and have your partner penetrate you from behind. This is similar to doggy style, but it’s even better…


This sex act requires minimal effort from both parties and is ideal when you’re feeling groggy but not to sleepy to miss out on some sexy time. Both partners will lie on the side, and the penetrative partner will be the big spoon. They can use their hands to hold you and gently move back and forth while laying sideways. You can also assist your partner by slowly rocking your body.

Table top

For this exciting position, lay down at the edge of a table or bed—it all depends on whether or not the height of the surface is on the same level as your partner’s genital area. Once you find the appropriate surface, then lay back and your partner can enter your cave. If you would like more control over the thrusting, place your feet on your partner’s chest.


This classic sex position may have racked up a reputation of being boring, but you’ve got to admit that it gets the work done with minimal effort and that’s what lazy folks love. Sex therapist, Marissa Nelson tells Style Caster:

Classic missionary is one of the best positions for intimacy and connecting with your partner. It feels good for both people and is great for kissing, butt-grabbing and sucking on nipples during intercourse.
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