Queen Victoria’s lookalike royal starred in a Hollywood movie

While it’s common for actresses to marry into the royal family, the public is not used to seeing royals on the silver screen. However, this royal member did it.

The royal rule book that frowns upon royals being on the silver screen was thrown out in 2009 when Princess Beatrice made a notable cameo in a Hollywood film. In a movie depicting the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign, Princess Beatrice co-starred with Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend.

Young Victoria

Mirror confirms that Princess Beatrice’s mother - Sarah, Duchess of York – served as the producer of the movie. The Duchess of York has a keen interest in Queen Victoria and so she was all supportive of Princess Beatrice’s cameo. The appearance was made possible as Princess Beatrice resembles a lot like young Queen Victoria – her great-great-great-great grandmother.

The Young Victoria, a 2009 film chronicles the 18-year-old Queen Victoria’s life during the first year of her reign. The storyline also follows her and her cousin – Prince Albert’s love story. Emily Blunt plays Queen Victoria in the movie, and Rupert Friend plays Prince Albert. In the coronation scene at the opening of the movie, Princess Beatrice makes a brief appearance as one of The Queen's Ladies-in-Waiting.

Queen’s lookalike

Her involvement in the project was very well received as her uncanny resemblance with a young Queen Victoria is pointed out time and again. Many fans talk about the similarity on social media and some of the comments that, in particular, pick out the details of the similarities between the two, are:

Princess Beatrice of York looks like Queen Victoria. The eyes and nose! Always wondered where Bea got those huge eyes!
Can we just take a moment to recognise just how much Princess Beatrice looks like Queen Victoria but with the addition of flame red hair?

While another added:

Can’t believe how much princess Beatrice looks like young Queen Victoria

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