This is what the Queen watches on TV

The Queen may have a hectic day-to-day schedule, but it looks like she has just enough time to catch up on a little bit of television here and there.

Elizabeth II might be the Queen of England, but she has her all-time favourite TV shows, series, and movies, just like the rest of it. Last April, Vanity Fair revealed the Queen’s top picks and no, The Crown was not on the list, but her watch history may surprise some of you.

Queen’s pick of the crop

Unsurprisingly, Downton Abbey is one of the series she regularly kept up with. According to a source close to Buckingham Palace, she was a fan of the adventures of the Crawley family and was also amused by the historical mistakes made by the scriptwriter, Julian Fellowes. The last season of the show aired in 2015, with a follow-up film that was released in 2019.

Another British TV series that the Queen allegedly loves to watch is Doctor Who—who would’ve guessed. It first premiered in 1963, but the modernised version of the show was created in 2005. The show is still going strong, with season 13 soon to broadcast on the BBC.

The magazine also revealed that the Queen enjoys watching episodes of The Durrells, a biographical series that revolves around the life of Louisa Durrell—a mother who loses her husband in the 1930s and moves to the Greek island of Corfu with her four children. You’ll be interested to know that one of the actors in the series, Josh O’Connor, actually played Prince Charles in The Crown.

A sci-fi fanatic

Astonishingly, the Queen is apparently a big fan of the science fiction genre. She particularly likes to watch Flash Gordon, a British-American science fiction film that was released in 1980, during Christmastime.

Another program on her repertoire is Pointless, a quiz show produced by the BBC. Sources also say that she is also a sucker for British soap operas including EastEnders, Coronation Street, and Emmerdale.

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