This Is The Real Reason Kate Middleton Is Home Alone On Her 37th Birthday

This Is The Real Reason Kate Middleton Is Home Alone On Her 37th Birthday

The Duchess of Cambridge made it through a tough Christmas. She now has to overcome her birthday, on January 9th, during which she may be feeling down. And for good reason…

Poor Kate Middleton is facing a difficult birthday. The Duchess of Cambridge may be feeling a bit down today, on her 37th birthday. And for good reason - the holidays are over, her children - despite being the little princes and princesses they are - must go back to school, as reported by the Daily Express. Prince George returned to school after leaving the Sandringham holiday home.

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Gone are the days spent with the babysitter, Queen Elizabeth II herself. Princess Charlotte is also back to the reality of daily life, at nursery. And meanwhile, Kate Middleton will find herself home alone on her birthday this January 9th. Prince William does have a good excuse though - he's visiting the London Air Ambulance today.

But Kate Middleton has just emerged from a difficult time. The organization of the holiday season has been nothing short of chaotic for the royal family. She appears, however, to have been very courteous to her sister-in-law Meghan Markle. Tensions between the two seem to have subsided, although William appears to still be struggling with Meghan. For her part, Kate Middleton scored points with the queen, going to Mass alongside Prince William. That should keep her smiling during her birthday...

Take a look at the video above for more on Kate's birthday blues... 

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