This is the one thing the royal family never eats

Do you know which food has been banned from getting anywhere near the Queen of England's plate? Allow us to fill you in.

There are many conventions when it comes to the British royal family. Dozens and dozens of rules are imposed on them, but sometimes they also have some strange habits. This is the case with Queen Elizabeth II, who has a passion for hats in all seasons and for all circumstances. Food is no exception, and this one food has even been banned.

Very strict protocol

Decidedly, protocol when it comes to the royal family is very strict, even when it comes to food. The proof is that there is one food item that you will never find at the royal family’s table, at least during official ceremonies. Garlic has been completely banned, and there are two reasons for this:

  • First of all, the Queen hates food made with garlic.
  • And the other reason was given by Camilla Parker Bowles on an Australian television programme. The Duchess of Cornwall explained that the purpose of the ban was to keep her breath fresh in all circumstances.

The Queen's eating habits

This was confirmed by Darren McGrady, the chef at Buckingham Palace. He stated that he never serves dishes with garlic or too many onions.

And these are not the only things that have been banned. For example, the Queen never eats the crust on her bread, which she saves for the pigeons. She also prefers brown-shelled eggs and never eats eggs with white shells. And of course, she adds milk to her tea. Does she sound picky? One thing is certain, Elizabeth II certainly does have the eating habits of a queen!

Check out the video above for more details.

Royal family: The common foods the Queen has banned from her plate Royal family: The common foods the Queen has banned from her plate