The Queen Has Finally Joined Instagram - And This Was Her First Post

The Queen Has Finally Joined Instagram - And This Was Her First Post

Has Queen Elizabeth II become an influencer? Either way, she's on the right path, as she has just posted her first picture on Instagram!

There is no age restriction to join Instagram and Queen Elizabeth II has made her first post at the grand old age of 92! During a visit to the London Science Museum on March 7, 2019, the Queen took the opportunity to upload her first photo to the social network. The snapshot was posted on the Royal Family's official profile since Queen Elizabeth II does not have a personal Instagram account yet.

A first!

What could she possibly post on the social network? Somewhat disappointingly, she did not post a selfie. She opted for a very serious photo related to her trip to the museum.

'Today, while visiting the Science Museum, I was intrigued to discover a letter from the Royal Archives, written in 1843 by my great-grandfather Prince Albert,' Queen Elizabeth II wrote in a caption, signed with her name.

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Her first Instagram post was followed by a video of Queen Elizabeth II wearing an orange coat, posting her photo on the social network! Perhaps it will be the first post of many...

To see the landmark post, check out our video above!

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