The British Royal Family in Mourning After Sudden Death

An unfortunate accident has left the Royal Family distraught and in mourning. All the details about the accident are given in the video above.

A tough year for the Queen

2018 hasn’t been an easy year for the Monarch. In April this year, the Royal Family had to face another difficult loss as Queen Elizabeth's last corgi passed away after being her loyal pets for many years.

With Willow, the puppy of the first corgi that the British monarch had called Susan, the line of royal dogs has finally come to an end. Queen Elizabeth was always clear that once her corgis died, she didn’t want to have any more. Her dog lived a long life but was unfortunately put down at 14 years old after suffering from cancer related illnesses.

The Daily Mail published a statement from a source close to Buckingham Palace who said that although the monarch mourned the death of all her dogs, the death of Willow will be particularly difficult for her, since this corgi was the last link that the Queen had to her parents.

Her last pet was buried in a cemetery that had been especially reserved for the Royal Family’s dogs where Willow will be able to rest in peace with the rest of the corgis in Balmoral Castle.

Preparing for the worst

This time, the Royal Family is saying goodbye to a pet, but it could soon be the actual monarch. Queen Elizabeth II is very old and is in a very delicate state which makes a lot of people worry. A few months ago, England performed a trial run of what would happen when she died, in doing so preparing themselves for the worst.

The day that Queen Elizabeth II dies, there will be a strict protocol that will need to be followed. Prince Charles, her son, will be the one to take the British throne even though he will be around 70 years old. However, the question that remains is if this future monarch will abdicate the throne due to his old age, meaning it will then fall to Prince William who is currently third in line. After him is his brother Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and his uncles, the younger siblings of Prince Charles.

For now, there is a plan of action that has been gone through with a fine-toothed comb so that on this unfortunate day, nothing is left to chance. Among other things, the government has planned for days of mourning, religious ceremonies, the guests that will attend and the soldiers from the Armed Forces that will take part in the procession.

This plan has been given the name ‘The London Bridge’ which will also be the keyword that the private secretary to the Queen will use to let the Prime Minister know that the monarch has died. ‘The London Bridge has fallen’ will be the phrase that will initiate the protocol.

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