Royal Family: The Rules Meghan & Harry Will Have To Follow When The Royal Baby Is Born

There are only a few weeks left for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to prepare for the arrival of their future child. And it seems that once the royal baby is born, there will be certain rules that the couple will have to respect concerning his or her upbringing. Here they are.

Strange to think that Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex won’t have a say on everything. In fact, with only a few weeks left before the royal baby arrives – whose due date is set in April – the site Insider has revealed all the rules that the couple will need to follow when their baby is born. Here they are.

#1 – The child should have at least three names

Although the future royal baby’s first name won’t be revealed straight away, when it is, the child will need to have at least three. But why? Everyone who could become King or Queen has to have multiple names to choose from if they were to end up on the throne. For example, Prince George – Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son, is called George, Alexander, Louis.

#2 – The child will not receive the title of Prince or Princess

Following tradition, the future child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel will be called Count or Countess. However, the Queen can make an exception, like she has already done for the children of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William: Charlotte, George and Louis.

#3 – Meghan Markle will have to pose for photos a few hours after childbirth

As tradition states, Meghan Markle will have to pose for photos with her husband and newborn just a few hours after she has given birth. Kate Middleton and Prince William were happy to do this when their children were born, and the tradition was started by Lady Diana and Prince Charles.

#4 – The child will have to be baptized

During the baptism, the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry’s child will need to wear the traditional royal baptism dress. The same dress worn by Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children during their ceremonies.

#5 – The couple will not be able to travel with the child

The royal protocol stipulates that the two heirs must never fly together on the same flight. Clearly, family trips will be rare unless the Queen authorizes the journey first. Ah yes, life in the royal family isn’t always a fairytale.

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