Royal experts say Meghan and Harry can't handle their money

Royal experts state that the Brand Sussex will dilute itself due to multiple ventures taken on by Meghan and Harry.

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex have been investing in a lot of lucrative deals. However, the royal financial experts are concerned that there will be little or no return on their investment.

Depleting their value?

Stepping down from the royal life, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have financed several multi-million dollar projects, with the giants like, Netflix, Spotify and Apple.

Palace Confidential host Jo Elvin has suggested the couple might:

Deplete their value by spreading themselves around so much.

Elvin further believes:

So they seem good at attracting attention to these companies. But the more they spread it around, doesn't that deplete their value for these companies?

These comments were made soon after their most recent venture of sustainable partnership with Ethic.

Impact Partners

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have become ‘impact partners’ for a $1.3 billion investing fund in New York. Tech-driven asset manager Ethic said they were elated to welcome the couple onboard.

The firm tweeted:

Together, we are committed to creating a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable future.

In a statement the couple spoke of their investments:

When we invest in each other, we change the world. Be it through the investment of time (as with mentoring), investment in community (as with volunteering), or in the investment of funds (for those who have the means to), our choices - of how and where we put our energy - define us as a global community.

And added:

We believe it's time for more people to have a seat at the table when decisions are made that impact everyone.
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