Queen’s strict and unbreakable dinner table rule revealed

Her Majesty is a rule follower and everybody knows that, but there’s a certain strict dinner table rule that must be followed by every royal member.

It should come as no surprise that Queen Elizabeth II expects the people around her to follow a few rules as she has been in power for the longest period in history. The staff of Queen Elizabeth II is required to adhere to royal procedure and decorum at all times, but it appears the monarch's grandchildren are also subject to the same standards.

No mobile phones

There are several rules that the royal family must follow, as well as guidelines for how the palace personnel and the Queen herself should act. Now, a royal specialist has revealed what the Queen disapproves of when it comes to mealtimes with her family and great-grandchildren, according to The Sun.

Her Royal Highness is big on table manners, confirms English broadcaster and royal friend Gyles Brandreth. On Thursday, he appeared on ITV's This Morning to discuss the more recent addition to the royal etiquette manual and said:

The Queen is my role model in all things. One of the things she won’t allow at the table with her grandchildren and indeed her great-grandchildren is mobile phones at mealtimes.
She likes a formal, and I too like a fairly formal meal. It doesn’t mean to say you have to have a napkin.
But you do have to sit at the table nicely and you certainly mustn’t eat with your mouth open!

Pre-approved meals

In addition, any meals given to the 96-year-old monarch must first be approved by her beforehand. The menus are presented to her in French, and she evaluates and approves each meal for the week. Reportedly, her meals are lighter during the evenings and she rarely eats carbs when alone.

So, if you’re lucky enough to get invited to a dinner with her majesty, it’ll not include rice, pasta or potatoes. Another interesting thing about the monarch is that she detests garlic and no royal eats it.

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