Queen's DNA Demanded In 'Biggest Royal Scandal' Ever

A pensioner who bears a striking resemblance to the Queen's uncle and former monarch, Edward VIII, is demanding that members of the royal family undergo DNA testing in order to prove his royal ancestry.

73-year-old Frenchman François Graftieaux claims that he is the grandson of Edward VIII - as he says that his father, Pierre-Edouard was born from an illicit affair between his grandmother Marie-Leonie and the royal.

Edward VIII caused a scandal in the royal family when he abdicated the throne in order to marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson. However, if François Graftieaux's claims are to be believed, his actions could open a further can of worms for the royals.

Even if it were proved that François is the grandson of Edward, he would have no claim to the throne as any of the Duke of Windsor's descendants lost their birthright when he abdicated.

However, François claims that his family 'would have become nobility at the very least' if his father had been recognised as Edward VIII's son and heir. After unsuccessful requests for DNA tests in 2004 and in 2013, he now says he's willing to sue Buckingham Palace if his third request is denied.

'I am not asking the Palace for money, title or power but merely to ascertain the identity of my grandfather and the circumstances surrounding my father’s birth,' said Mr. Graftieaux.

Whilst François Graftieaux is far from the first person to claim that he has royal blood, the very striking resemblance between the Frenchman and the late former King has many people wondering if there might just be truth to his claims… Take a look at the video above to judge the resemblance for yourself!

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